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Peter ReidPeter Reid


Non-production applications should only be using for testing purposes, this is including but not limited to:

Non-production should not be integrated with production systems unless approved by an administrator.


Site administrators cannot guarantee the persistence or integrity of data. We make no guarantees that data on non-production instances will not be deleted without notice, or corrupted during an upgrade.


Access to applications is controlled by the same groups that are applied for production instances, with the exception of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket which are controlled by separate permission groups due to licensing limitations - access can be requested by contacting site administrators with a valid reason for access.


Availability of non-production systems is not guaranteed, site administrators reserve the right to de-activate systems as and when needed to save on resources. In most cases, non-production systems may only be activated if a circumstance listed in the 'Restrictions' section arises.

No monitoring is set up on non-production applications, however the underlying infrastructure is monitored. No status page will be provided.


Site administrators reserve the right to update these notices at any point with no notice.