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Hello world, my name is Peter Reid

peter reid

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Peter Reid and I am a young programmer from just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have a passion for all things computing related; with a particular focus on computer programming. I have programming experience in a variety of different languages - you can find out more about my programming experience below.

My particular focus at present in software development is on the 'Web' and 'Mobile'; with the intention of improving my skills in these areas by developing applications/sites.

I am currently studying a Foundation Degree in Software Engineering at Belfast Metropolitan College in conjunction with Ulster University. I hope to progress to study Software Engineering at university beginning 2016.


I have experience in a variety of programming languages:

In the immediate future I am looking to expand my knowledge of programming languages to include both PHP and Ruby

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While my primary focus is not on design, I do have experience in both designing applications and implementing the design of applications.

Technical Skills

I have accumulated a number of technical skills that can be utilised in my programming. These are:

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